Rhubarb Plants (4-pack)


Rhubarb Plants (4-pack)

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Rhubarb Tips
Cool-season vegetable
Can I harvest my rhubarb the same year that I plant it?
Do not harvest rhubarb during the first year of planting. You can harvest for 1 to 2 weeks the following year.
How can rhubarb be kept from seeding? Should these flower stalks be removed?
All rhubarb will eventually flower. However, poor growing conditions such as drought and hot weather stimulate flowering. Cut off the flower stalks as soon as they are noticed to help prevent weakening of the plant.
Why are the stems of my rhubarb leaves green rather than red?
There is a difference between varieties in stem color. However, lack of color development in plants that once had red stems may be the result of too much shade.

Plants for Growing Rhubarb