Purple Passion Plant


Purple Passion Plant

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Purple passion plant (GYNURA AURANTIACA) is an attractive house plant native to the island of Java. It has fuzzy bright purple hairs that resembles velvet. It is easy to care for and is a must have for any plant lover. It will clean your air all while making a great gift for birthdays, moms, day, or just because!


-Soil A multipurpose indoor potting soil that holds moisture but still drains quickly.
-Light Bright indirect light. Too little light causes the colors in the leaves of this plant to fade.
-Watering Allow the top 25% of soil to dry out before watering again.
-Temperature Between 65-85 degrees.
-Fertilizing Feed it monthly with a basic liquid houseplant food at ½ strength when it’s growing usually in the spring and summer.

-Fast growing -as the plant matures, it takes on a more sprawling habit. It can grow to 1-2 feet.

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