Jewel Strawberry Plants (25 per bundle)


Jewel Strawberry Plants (25 per bundle)

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Jewel strawberry plants were developed at Cornell University by botanists who wanted a quality berry that was simultaneously large, sweet and attractive.  They succeeded!  

The berries are large, glossy, tasty, and beautiful, with bruise-resistant flesh that hold up well after picking.  

The plants are vigorous and disease-resistant and offer heavy fruit production.  

This combination of qualities makes Jewel the industry standard for mid-season strawberry production.  

Excellent for eating fresh eating, canning and preserving.  Freezes well.  A must-have strawberry plant to center your season around.  Larger than Earliglow.

• Ripens mid-season
• Fruit Size: Very Large
• Fruit Flavor: Very Good
• Firm berries
• Excellent Freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Tolerant to Leaf Spot
• June-bearing
• 1-year strawberry plants
• Shipped bare-root

See University of Missouri Extension's site to learn how to grow strawberries:

Strawberry Plants