Earliglow Strawberry Plants (25 per bundle)


Earliglow Strawberry Plants (25 per bundle)

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Earliglow is one of our family's favorite strawberry varieties. The fruit is smaller than Jewel. But is remarkable for its "wonderful" and very sweet flavor. The berries are uniform, cone-shaped, deep red, and juicy.  The plant is vigorous and produces many runners.  An early-season June-bearing variety, Earliglow is one of the first to ripen.  Earliglow strawberries are excellent fresh, or great for jam, shortcake, and freezing.  A great addition to any garden.  

• Early Season
• Medium-small fruit size
• Excellent flavor
• Moderately firm berry
• Excellent freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Resistant to Red Stele
• June-bearing strawberry plant
• Shipped bare-root
• 1-year strawberry plants

See University of Missouri Extension's site to learn how to grow strawberries:


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