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Thank you for your support of Sugar Grove Growers since 1979. We look forward to serving you in our open-air market in 2021. Our retail location on E. Cherry is closed. Our new location will be right around the corner on our open lot on South Lincoln.

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Our full product line is still available online here on our site! Getting outside and hiking is still something you can do. Get your gear now!

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Since we've changed the way we operate to online only, and to ensure your safety, not all our staff is working. Donate to keep them afloat.

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Have all the outdoor gear you need for now? Buy a gift card and use it later or share it with friends and family.

Candy Shop

Large selection of specialty candy!  Handmade candy, nostalgic candies, and chocolate.

STORE products

Garden Plants & Flowers

Grown locally just a few miles from our store. Come see us for vegetable plants, herbs, bulk seed and flowers!
Available seasonally.

Plants Growing Farm

Spice Shop & Groceries

Shop our large selection of spices, rubs, and blends. Find grocery staples to specialty foods.

banana nut bread

Handmade Items

We make our favorites like banana bread and hand dipped chocolates at the store. Gift baskets for friends, family or clients.

Shop Local.

We strive to build personal relationships with our customers. We’re here for recipe suggestions, gardening advice and to answer questions about where our products come from. We have been proudly serving our community for over 40 years.

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The Hospitality Nest

Hospitality nest is your one stop location for information about "everything home." You may catch Alana in the store giving cooking and gardening advice. Now, she's doing it digitally - to provide her tips, tricks, & recipes to more of you! Follow the link below to learn more!